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 (sĕm′ē-glŏs′, -glôs′, sĕm′ī-)
A paint that dries with a finish that is between gloss and flat.

sem′i·gloss′, sem′i·gloss′y adj.


(ˌsɛmɪˈɡlɒs) art
a paint that gives a finish between matt and gloss
(of paint) giving a finish between matt and gloss


(ˈsɛm iˌglɒs, -ˌglɔs, ˈsɛm aɪ-)

having a moderate, satiny luster: semigloss paint.
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Noun1.semigloss - a paint that dries with a finish between glossy and flat
paint, pigment - a substance used as a coating to protect or decorate a surface (especially a mixture of pigment suspended in a liquid); dries to form a hard coating; "artists use `paint' and `pigment' interchangeably"
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Tenders are invited for Paint Ready Mixed Airdrying Semiglossy Finish Buffmiddle For General Purpose Isc-359 Of Specn Is:5-1994 (Fourth Revision) With Amendment No.
The color strength was much more pronounced for a black semiglossy alkyd resin emulsion paint in which P41E showed an improvement of 28% over a styrene acrylate (Fig.
Leaves deep green, highly glossy to semiglossy, 12-260 cm long,
Tenders are invited for Supply of Ready Mixed Paint Black,Stencilling And Marking Semiglossy Finish For Packages And Petrol Continer To Specn.
The 4- to 5-foot, well-branched plant has deep green, semiglossy leaves.