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 (sĕm′ē-lô′gə-rĭth′mĭk, -lŏg′ə-, sĕm′ī-)
Having one logarithmic and one arithmetic scale: semilogarithmic graph paper.
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having both logarithmic and arithmetic scales
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(ˌsɛm iˌlɔ gəˈrɪð mɪk, -ˌlɒg ə-, ˌsɛm aɪ-)

also sem′i•log`,

(of a graph or graph paper) having one scale logarithmic and the other arithmetic or of uniform gradation.
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Calculation of [LD.sub.50] was done by semilogarithmic interpolation, where the EOPPgfl doses were plotted on the abscissa axis and the values corresponding to the probit percentage of deaths on the ordinate axis.
The border area, corresponding to the change from the quasi-static fracture mechanism to transition at different values [R.sub.[sigma]] in semilogarithmic coordinates, can be represented by a straight line (Fig.
Two solutions have been standardized in G.711: semilogarithmic compressor function, widely known as A-law (applied in Europe) and quasilogaritmic compressor function, widely known as [mu]-law (applied in USA and Japan) [4].
The semilogarithmic plots of these samples illustrating the loss tangent tan [delta] (the ratio of G" to G') versus the angular frequency are presented in Fig.
This profile was quite unusual, completely different from those at nearby control stations, where the excess [sup.222]Rn showed an exponential decrease (as almost straight lines in semilogarithmic plots as Fig.
By extrapolating the linear part of the dependence on the semilogarithmic scale ln I, the saturation current at V = 0 V (Figure 4(b)), which is 1.08 x [10.sup.-6] A, is on the ordinate axis.
Figure 13 shows the comparison of the experimental and calculated results of stress relaxation for the four rocks under the different confining pressures on a semilogarithmic chart.
Due to the large size of this ratio, we chose for clarity to display the level curves of [??] on a region of the "semilogarithmic upper half plane." The latter has complex coordinate T = X + iY (where X = Re T and Y = Im T > 0), being related to the region
The grading curves of all the specimens after one-dimensional compression tests terminated at each preset vertical stress level are plotted in Figure 5, with semilogarithmic coordinates on the left pictures and double-logarithmic coordinates on the right pictures.
It can be seen from Figure 3 that the semilogarithmic concentration dependence has a linear character in the range of 2x[10.sup.-6]-2x[10.sup.-8] g/L.
A semilogarithmic graph was constructed with Ct values plotted on the X-axis and log values of the RNA concentration, on the 7-axis.