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 (sĕm′ē-mĕm′brə-nəs, sĕm′ī-)
Partly membranous, as one of the hamstring muscles.
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Baker's cysts are situated between the medial head of the gastrocnemius muscle and the insertion of the semimembranous muscle.
However, several studies have reported a significant positive correlation between sprint running performance and site-specific muscle size, such as the upper portion of the thigh [6], the adductor magnus and semimembranous muscles [19], and the quadriceps and psoas major muscle [20].
1984) evaluated pre-rigor (hot-boned and cooked 1h post exsanguinations) and post-rigor (cold-boned and cooked 48 h post exsanguinations) bovine semimembranous muscles and reported that although cold boned roasts were superior to hot boned in tenderness but juiciness was consistently higher in hot boned roasts.