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If you want to find out how true all that is, we can only suggest you head along to The Christians at Christmas - where Garry and the lads will sing a mix of their own material and some festive classics at The Olympia on December 21 (we can guarantee the musical bit, if not the seminudity).
It found an average of one per primary school class has seen an online image of nudity or seminudity sent by an adult.
(Fleshapoids' copious seminudity, play of textures, use of turbans and scarves, and omnisexual display recall Jack Smith's Flaming Creatures [1963].) In a similarly democratic spirit, Mike Kuchar coaxes Egyptian-Greco-Roman motifs out of lower-middle-class furnishings--leopard-skin throws, bowls of wax fruit, fat candles, plaster busts, plastic goblets, giant urn-shaped planters.