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 (sĕm′ē-ō-kĕm′ĭ-kəl, sĕm′ī-)
A chemical emitted by an organism that influences the physiology or behavior of an organism of the same or a different species, such as a pheromone or an allelochemical.

[Greek sēmeion, sign; see semiotic + chemical.]


(Biochemistry) a chemical substance produced by an animal and used in communications, such as a pheromone
[C20: semio- from Greek sēmeion a sign + chemical]
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Direct defenses, in the form of chemical and morphological components that inhibit pest damage, underlie host plant resistance, while indirect defenses, including food provisioning and semiochemical production, improve biological control.
Agriculture and other specialists from around the world address arthropod pests in the poultry industry, Brachycera flies in dairy farms, the cattle tick, and sheep myiasis; trypanosomosis, mosquito-borne diseases in the livestock industry, bluetongue virus, and tick-borne anaplasmosis, cowdriosis, and babesiosis; interventions like the use of an anti-tick vaccine for integrated cattle fever tick eradication in the US, biological control with parasitoids, entomopathogens, semiochemical tools for livestock pest control, genetic control of vectors, biosecurity, and a simulation model of stable flies and their control; and the impact of vector control, including costs.
Stored product insects like most phytophagous insects use chemical cues (semiochemical) to find hosts.
Differences in colonization behavior within a host and among host species could be due to either visual or semiochemical cues.
Additionally, with SPME analysis we compared the chromatographic patterns from both, dorsal and ventral areas (with the protocol mention above), in order to have more specific information about the zone of production and secretion of this semiochemical.
Quantitative association of bark beetles with pitch canker fungus and effects of verbenone on their semiochemical communication in Monterey pine forests in Northern Spain.
Monitoring, detecting, trapping, controlling and/or reducing populations of Pityophthorus juglandis, comprises treating surface susceptible to infestation by Pityophthorus juglandis with a composition comprising semiochemical. US patent 20130014428, Al.
The short tunnel length may be expected from effects of plant extracts on locomotors sensillae or in semiochemical, hormone, and lignocellulose processing in the termite gut where esterases can play a major role.
The exploitation of chemical ecology and behaviour of the bedbug with semiochemical based vector control technology could become part of an integrated pest management.
molesta based on 1) the timing, quantity, and spacing of SPLAT treatments and 2) the mechanism of semiochemical control (i.e.