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 (sē′mē-ŏt′ĭk, sĕm′ē-, sē′mī-) also se·mi·ot·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) or se·mei·ot·ic (sē′mē-, sĕm′ē-, sē′mī-) also se·mei·ot·i·cal (-ĭ-kəl)
1. Of or relating to semiotics.
2. Relating to symptomatology.

[Greek sēmeiōtikos, observant of signs, significant, from sēmeiōsis, indication, from sēmeioun, to signal, to interpret as a sign, from sēmeion, sign, from sēma.]

se′mi·ot′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.semiotical - of or relating to semiotics; "semiotic analysis"
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Informed by the work of Kress and van Leeuwen (2006) and other scholars utilising multimodal theory, a number of education researchers have developed the use of a semiotically framed metalanguage or visual grammar for use in the classroom (Callow, 2006; Jewitt, 2008a; Pantaleo, 2015b; Serafini, 2014; Unsworth & Macken-Horarik, 2015).
Since the signified is removed from the actual object, any linguistic act, semiotically speaking, is a form of lie.
We could think about pixels in a photograph as syntactically scattered, yet semiotically organized data.
Body triples dialectic is within a circle that performs semiotically the interconnection of the living bioautographical author with the body, signs, and contexts that all co-make her work.
These drawings enact and represent a process of semiotic abstraction, an iconoclasm of sorts; signifier and signified are decoupled, transforming icons and signs pregnant with culturally specific meanings into multivalent floating signifiers, both semiotically and visually, adrift in the drawings' illusory universes.
Semiotically articulated, language is a container in which culture is both formed and performed and in which people and objects are turned into "texts" to be read with infinite possibilities of meaning.
Vehicular and social mobility are semiotically linked; social categorization is signalled through mechanical performance and bodily appearance" (Perry, 2002, p.
Here, we can contrast the fully dynamic account of the world and of existence (a semiotically grounded ontology) and the fact that when living organisms engage with such a world they all encounter moments of fundamental familiarity; they recognize things, they remember things, they re-encounter a range of "the same" through various sensorial modalities.
of semiotically structured language," she nevertheless argues,
235) Judges sometimes proceed as though expressive works were effectively self-interpreting, facially clear, and thus semiotically accessible.
The business of the foot, generically comic and semiotically low, becomes in King Lear a key part of a radical inquiry into the ground of human being.
Along with our digitized material, we employ a further strategy to enrich semiotically and semantically the archive: we believe that encouraging user input and infusing the database with user-created textual, graphic, or video translations can deliver multiple multimodal paths along which users and the project team can discuss and create new interpretative narratives, overcoming the "implied story" (Stanford Friedman 7) of a text.