semiprecious stone

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sem·i·pre·cious stone

(sĕm′ē-prĕsh′əs, sĕm′ī-)
A gem, such as an opal, that has commercial value but was historically not as rare or expensive as a precious stone.
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Joyalukkas Salalah will feature the brand's signature bright, spacious interiors and open display design showcasing a world-class selection of a million designs in gold, diamond, polki, pearl, precious and semiprecious stone jewellery.
Tenders are invited for Etender for marble products with precious semiprecious stone inlay
Oman imported 1,500 tonnes of jewellery including natural and artificial pearls, precious stone, semiprecious stone, precious metals, normal coated metals, traditional jewellery and coins, during 2015.
Muscat, Aug 13 (ONA) During 2015, the Sultanate imported 1,500 ton of jewelry including natural and artificial pearls, precious stone, semiprecious stone, precious metals, normal coated metals, traditional jewelry and coins.
The Galerie degli Uffizi has an important holding of small sculptures carved out of semiprecious stone, produced mainly in the Hellenistic and Roman eras.
Along sandy, mile-long Moonstone Beach, you'll find piles of sun-bleached driftwood, teeming tidepools, and a scattering of its namesake semiprecious stone.
Soot from burning lamps is said to have been gathered to make the ink and the rich colours for the gloriously illustrated pages made from materials gathered from far and wide - bright red extracted from Mediterranean insects, indigo from an Oriental plant, gold, silver and an incandescent blue from lapis lazuli, a semiprecious stone found in the Himalayas.
To bond the semiprecious stone to teeth, a paste of natural resin such as plant sap was mixed with other natural chemicals and crushed bones.
The natural beauty and amazing color variations of these cabochons are the two main reasons why these gemstones are so very popular amongst designers as well as connoisseurs of precious and semiprecious stone jewelry.
The researchers also found more than 1,000 tiny beads made of gold, silver and carnelian, an orange semiprecious stone.
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What is the name given to a semiprecious stone ornamented with a portrait or figures carved in relief?