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 (sĕm′ē-prə-fĕsh′ə-nəl, sĕm′ī-)
1. Taking part in a sport for pay but not on a full-time basis.
2. Composed of or engaged in by semiprofessional players.
1. A semiprofessional player.
2. One whose occupation or work has some of the characteristics of a profession or of a professional.

sem′i·pro·fes′sion·al·ly adv.


1. (General Sporting Terms) (of a person) engaged in an activity or sport part-time but for pay
2. (General Sporting Terms) (of an activity or sport) engaged in by semiprofessional people
3. of or relating to a person whose activities are professional in some respects: a semiprofessional pianist.
a semiprofessional person
ˌsemiproˈfessionally adv


(ˌsɛm i prəˈfɛʃ ə nl, ˌsɛm aɪ-)

1. actively engaged in some field for pay but on a part-time basis: semiprofessional ball players.
2. engaged in by semiprofessional people: semiprofessional football.
3. a person who is semiprofessional.
sem`i•pro•fes′sion•al•ly, adv.
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Noun1.semiprofessional - an athlete who plays for pay on a part-time basis
pro, professional - an athlete who plays for pay
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Through years of hard work, determination, training and drive she is now playing for Birmingham City Ladies as a semiprofessional and was recently put on standby to play for England U19s in the European Championships in August.
JACK O'Connor has stated that the time is "fast coming" when intercounty managers will have to go semiprofessional.
Semiprofessional singers from all over North America have been invited to participatein this prestigious competition, with the winner able to compete at next year's National Eisteddfod in Swansea, all expenses paid
Wales have named an 18man squad for a four-nation semiprofessional tournament later this month.
The center of Bengston's Ideal Exhaust, 1961, a kind of target formed by the radiating pipes of a motorcycle exhaust (the artist was a semiprofessional motorcycle racer), is occupied by the exhaust's heat exchangers, literalizing the focal point as the site of maximum intensity.
Before this commission he had been limited to staging rather interesting performances with his semiprofessional troupe in Perm (the town where Diaghilev spent his childhood).
Di Tullio timed semiprofessional baseball players as they swung various bats in air tunnels at MIT.
Dilwyn Williams, of Pwhelli, was awarded the Rural Skills trophy for winning the semiprofessional class And the Arenig Trophy went to Gethin Williams, of Tregarth, who won the amateur class