(sĕm′ē-rĭ-tīrd′, sĕm′ī-)
Working only on a part-time basis, as for reasons of ill health or advanced age.

sem′i·re·tire′ment (-tīr′mənt) n.
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working part time, as for reasons of ill health or advanced age
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(ˌsɛm i rɪˈtɪərd, ˌsɛm aɪ-)
working only part-time, esp. at the end of one's career.
sem`i•re•tire′ment, n.
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Swartz, a semiretired Grayslake resident, said he'd support letting transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice.
But her passion as a singer never diminished, even if she thought she was officially 'semiretired' and had become a full-pledged homemaker.
A semiretired friend filled his suddenly leisurely afternoons with books from Singapore's National Library.
The 12,000 guinea ram was sold by Vale of Glamorgan couple, semiretired Tudor and Janet Harris, who now concentrate on their 40 pedigree Blue Faced Leicester breeding ewes.
The sale leader was sold by Vale of Glamorgan couple Tudor and Janet Harris who, being semiretired, are free to focus on their 40-ewe Blue Faced Leicester flock.
Siri Paiboun, everyone's favorite spirit-channeling, semiretired Laotian coroner and sleuth, returns for the 13th book of Colin Cotterill's critically acclaimed series, Don't Eat Me (Soho Crime, $26.95, 304 pages, ISBN 9781616959401).
There are still viewers today who would like to see it." The star, who describes himself as semiretired, became huge in the 80s with sketch shows like Russ Abbott's Madhouse and the Russ Abbot Show.
David Cash, senior agent at Christie & Co's Newcastle office, who is handling the sale, said: "The freehold interest of The Keelman & Big Lamp Brewery is owned by the pension fund of two semiretired, local businessmen, who ultimately wish to fully retire and realise the worth of their asset, which they built up from an unused water pumping station some 30 years ago.
As years have gone by, I've understood him better and it only improves my fondness for him." Isla now considers herself semiretired. She has released 20 albums in her career and hopes to do another.
Leading up to the event, Daniel Defense generously helped us secure pit passes, which afforded us the opportunity to meet the semiretired driver of the No.
Chris, now semiretired, says maintenance has improved since opening - and with it, the reputation of the course.
I know people who have found friendship and new interests through the University of The Third Age ( for semiretired and retired people.