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 (sĕm′ē-sfîr′ĭ-kəl, -sfĕr′-, sĕm′ī-)
Somewhat spherical in shape.
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In their illustrations to the legend the miniaturists represented the cap as a yellow half-circle with ornament, apparently implying a golden headgear of a semispherical shape akin to a miter (Figs.
Proximal segment longer than distal segment, bearing 1 tiny semispherical knob and 1 bifid process on posterodistal corner and 27 setae (25 hirsute, 2 naked) along anterior margin.
A short, thick urethane column bearing a semispherical divot at the top rises up from a flesh-colored silicone base, which is, in turn, fastened by a small, brown, larva-like plastic pellet to a translucent sack whose frothy interior harbors more pellets.
The morphological analysis results show that usually semispherical and spherical glass beads have a grain size between 2.
For artificial egg cards, 20 semispherical domes (2-3 mm in diameter x 3 mm high) were produced by pressing a heated glass rod onto one half of a sheet (8 x 7 cm) of polyethylene and polypropylene copolymer film (30 pm thick) through a plastic semispherical mold.
It is known that for classical immiscible blends the minor phase appears as dispersed semispherical holes in the major (continuous) phase [15] and that the dispersed phase should have clear and sharp boundaries indicating high interfacial tension and poor adhesion at the interphase.
The bottle and accessorizes have a semispherical shape, which is spaced out of two flat surfaces.
Pelletization is an agglomeration process that converts fine powders or granules of bulk drugs and excipients into small, free-flowing spherical or semispherical units, referred to as pellets [7].
All particles were spherical or semispherical with average NP sizes of 83.
However, it merely works for the upper semispherical region due to its adoption of the planar measurement surface.
The upper half of the tank is covered by a semispherical dome and the lower half under the deck is supported by a cylindrical skirt structure.