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 (sĕm′ē-sfîr′ĭ-kəl, -sfĕr′-, sĕm′ī-)
Somewhat spherical in shape.
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The particles are homogeneously distributed in size, having semispherical smooth surface and diameter of nanoparticles obtained from SEM micrograph are about 20-50 nm with greater distribution is 35 nm.
A local orientation of the nanoparticles on the surface of the semispherical particle can be seen in the Fig.
3, the pressure vessel is a cylinder closed with two semispherical caps.
These networks are identified as parenchyma cells (LIESE, 1998), and the semispherical structures are identified as starch (TOLEDO; AZZINI; REYES, 1987).
They can be cylindrical, semi-cylindrical, rhomboid, rectangular, semispherical, etc.
Three semispherical infrared-reflective markers (5 mm diameter) were attached to the right hand on the tip of the index, middle, and ring fingers, and one was attached to the radial aspect of the wrist.
The weight percentages of the Y561 phosphor in these packages were manipulated to ensure that the chromaticity points were at the locus of blackbody radiation of 4000 K for simulation purposes; the percentages corresponding to the four types of packages, dispensing, conformal, remote, and semispherical, were 7.6%, 64.0%, 24.1%, and 24%, respectively.
s is the pile spacing (1.8 m); [s.sub.d] is the diagnose pile spacing (2.55 m); d is the pile diameter (0.5 m); [C.sub.c] is the arching coefficient; [gamma] is the unit weight of the fill material (19 kN/[m.sup.3]); [[alpha].sub.0] is the angle of load diffusion in geosynthetic reinforcement and fill for the Nordic method; [K.sub.g] is the tensile stiffness of the geogrid (1600 kN/m); k is the ground reaction modulus; [[phi]'.sub.k] is the fill material internal friction angle (35 degrees); SSA is the semispherical arch; [K.sub.p] is the passive earth pressure coefficient.
The solutions were slowly dispensed into the semispherical molds (4 mm in diameter) built in porcelain panels, which were kept in -80[degrees]C freezer for 1-2 hours and freeze-dried at -50[degrees]C for 48 hours as described previously [16].
12 semispherical, retroreflective markers were placed on specific body landmarks: two markers were placed on the trunk--one above vertebrae C7 and the other on the upper part of sternum.
In their illustrations to the legend the miniaturists represented the cap as a yellow half-circle with ornament, apparently implying a golden headgear of a semispherical shape akin to a miter (Figs.
Proximal segment longer than distal segment, bearing 1 tiny semispherical knob and 1 bifid process on posterodistal corner and 27 setae (25 hirsute, 2 naked) along anterior margin.