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Noun1.semitransparency - the quality of allowing light to pass diffusely
uncloudedness, clarity, clearness - the quality of clear water; "when she awoke the clarity was back in her eyes"
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Prototyping advanced and arbitrary-shaped architectures with specific materials and process combinations will emphasise that new highly innovative applications, such as on flexible substrates, or with high semitransparency, are accessible in the mid- to longer-term with this very promising thin-film PV technology.
Nevertheless, the praise of semitransparency in the sonnet is unmistakable.
This research studied two paradigms only (semitransparency and nontransparency) and focused less on the different transparent degrees based on the state of being transparent.
Therefore, it is assumed that the chromium layer thickness in the present study is thick enough to exhibit minimal effects, if any, of semitransparency.
The semitransparency of the blueprints gives the underlying representations of nature a diaphanous quality that results in the co-penetration of the two elements, as when the graphic lines and text identifying automobile components seem to be inscribed on the body of a tropical bird.
With the new Refine Edge tool, you can soften the edges and even cope with areas of semitransparency (such as hair).
Overlaying views show several relevant representations in the same display using visualization techniques such as semitransparency, partial-total overlay, or animation to reduce occlusion.
The exfoliation of bulk graphite oxide in an ultrasonic bath results in a brown color and semitransparency of graphene oxide (Figure 1(b)).