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 (sĕm′ē-trŏp′ĭ-kəl, sĕm′ī-)
Partly tropical; subtropical.
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1. (Environmental Science) Also: semitropic partly tropical
2. (Environmental Science) another word for subtropical
ˌsemiˈtropics pl n
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(sʌbˈtrɒp ɪ kəl)

1. bordering on the tropics; nearly tropical.
2. pertaining to or occurring in a region between tropical and temperate; subtorrid; semitropical.
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Adj.1.semitropical - of or relating to or characteristic of conditions in the subtropics; "even near the equator vegetation at 5000 ft is subtropical rather than tropical"
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The surrounding shores were beautiful with semitropical verdure, while in the distance the country rose from the ocean in hill and tableland, almost uniformly clothed by primeval forest.
Fisher did not see his friend until a fortnight later, when he found himself in the garden at the back of the clubhouse on the opposite side from the links, a garden heavily colored and scented with sweet semitropical plants in the glow of a desert sunset.
Meanwhile, in the semitropical vastness of eastern Congo, a killer is loose.
This fast-growing, deciduous, semitropical or tropical tree belongs to the Mimosa family and produces its seeds in pods.
Exotic in origin, it is distributed in all continents, in tropical semitropical latitudes and in some temperate countries (Metcalf and Tchobanoglous, 1991) and, in the absence of nutritional limitations, it rapidly develops in hot climate regions (Andrade et al., 2007).
AS penned, maypop and its relatives (Passiflora) are the exclusive larval host plants for the tropical and semitropical longwing butterflies, such as Gulf fritillaries and zebra longwings, two charismatic species that make their homes in the southern U.S.
Possibly originating from sheep that the Spanish brought in the 1500s, these sheep developed mainly through natural selection from Florida's humid semitropical conditions.
[5] Since disease-causing flies are likely to reside in hilly, humid areas and secondary forest areas, anyone (including airline crew and volunteer doctors) who travels to the tropical or semitropical regions can have the risk of contracting myiasis.
At that time, New Zealand was a "semitropical to warm-temperate" rainforest, the study notes.
Modern influences including the European international style and the works of Frank Lloyd Wright were interpreted by up-and-coming architects (including Paul Rudolph, Gene Leedy, Victor Lundy and others) to fit the semitropical environment, typically employing wide roof overhangs for shade, expanses of glass to blend the indoors and outdoors, and site placement that made the most of sea breezes.
Wade, "Initiation of deep convection along boundary layer convergence lines in a semitropical environment," Monthly Weather Review, vol.
BTV infection occurs in most of the tropical, semitropical and temperate region of the world in parallel with the distribution of its vectors.