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[New Latin Sempervīvum, genus name, from neuter of Late Latin sempervīvus, ever-living : Latin semper, always; see sem- in Indo-European roots + Latin vīvus, living, alive; see gwei- in Indo-European roots.]


(Plants) See houseleek
[New Latin, from Latin sempervivus ever-living, from semper always + vivere to live]
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A selection of faux succulents, such as sedum, echeveria and sempervivum, available from all good craft stores.
SEMPERVIVUM THE houseleek loves it hot and dry as its thick succulent leaves have the ability to store water.
06 Sedum rizoides Sempervivum montanum Cupressaceae 3.
WHAT YOU'LL NEED: Old colander Compost Small Sempervivum and sedum plants (look for them in the alpines section of a garden centre) Decorative gravel or horticultural grit WATER WHAT TO DO: 1.
Use smaller Sempervivum rosettes with strong runners (the bit of stem from which is growing) to push through the holes around the top of the colander.
Fortunately, many species of Sedum (stonecrop) and Sempervivum (houseleeks, hens and chicks) are amazingly cold-tolerant and can survive temperatures well below freezing.
asturica Armeria cantabrica + 1 Matthiola perennis Minuartia villarii + Sempervivum cantabricum + Litzula pediformis + Gentiana vertia + Sideritis hyssopifolia + Arenaria moehringioides Reseda glauca + + 1 Festuca rubra Festuca picoeuropeana Lotus corniculatus Saxifraga paniculata Arenaria erinacea Hemiaria glabra Trinia glauca Altitude (l=10m) 223 197 222 205 206 197 211 Area ([m.
Our plant under discussion is Sempervivum tectorum.
Good idea: Mike also used one of the most drought-tolerant plants of all, sempervivum tectorum or house leeks, which thrive on neglect, to create a living picture for the 'sitting room' garden wall - the plants giving the wall art the texture of a woven tapestry.
uk - 0117 940 6468) ALMOST CARE-FREE Succulents like houseleeks or sempervivum, need very little care and look great in small pots.