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Noun1.senate campaign - a race for election to the senate
campaign, political campaign, run - a race between candidates for elective office; "I managed his campaign for governor"; "he is raising money for a Senate run"
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Moore's senate campaign was infamously derailed by (https://www.
Lovass complaints center on $50,000 that Lesko contributed from her old state Senate campaign committee to Conservative Leadership for Arizona.
Last month, The New York Times reported that Romney had said privately that he was planning a Senate campaign.
Trump donated $4800 to Gillibrand's Senate campaign in 2010, according to federal campaign finance records.
She can really draw the crowd in a Senate campaign,' he said.
The guv's senate campaign coughs up the info that she spent all or parts of 12 days in June on political travel out of the state.
Harris, who is still in his 20s, spearheaded digital outreach for a then-obscure Ted Cruz's Senate campaign in 2012, and ran the digital side of Rand Paul's presidential run this year.
Republican candidate Wendy Long had told the investigators that D'Souza lied to her about the source of donations made to her US Senate campaign in 2012, CBS News reports.
Gould was the campaign manager for Heitkamp's 2012 Senate campaign.
He has also served on many national and state commissions, including the National Commission for the Renewal of American Democracy and the Senate Campaign Finance Reform Panel.
Senate campaign and currently raises money for his political action committee, as well as other clients, including Rep.
David Nitkin, blogging at The Baltimore Sun's Maryland Politics site, raised the question of why The Washington Post broke a story on a federal investigation into new GOP chairman Michael Steele's failed 2006 Maryland senate campaign, then redacted elements of a document it posted from the probe.

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