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Green tea whose leaves have been steamed to prevent oxidation, rolled, and then dried, typically producing a bright yellowish-green infusion.

[Japanese (literally, "decocted tea," since sencha is steeped in a teapot, unlike matcha, the form of tea more common in Japan until the 18th century, which is mixed with hot water in the bowl from which it is drunk) : sen, to simmer, decoct, steep (from Middle Chinese tsian, to fry in shallow oil, simmer) + cha, tea; see chanoyu.]
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Tea growers like 67-year-old Yoshio Shoji are also jumping on the bandwagon to grow matcha leaves -- as they command a higher price than "sencha", needle-shaped leaves used to make the traditional Japanese drink.
The study covers key regions that includes North America, Europe or Asia and important players such as Bigelow, Lipton, Stash Tea, Yogi Tea, Numi, Organic India, 24 Mantra, Basilur, Typhoo, Twinings, Gyokuro, Sencha, Bancha, Dragon Well, Pi Lo Chun, Mao Feng, Xinyang Maojian, Anji Green Tea Leaves, etc.
One of the more affordable ways into the Japanese spirits world, Roku is still a quality drink, with botanicals including sakura flower, yuzu peel, sencha tea, sansho pepper, sakura leaf and gyokuro tea.
Heath& Heather Organic Imperial Matcha Tea These fragrant organic tea bags contain a mix of Sencha, South India and Japanese matcha green teas, which give a sweet-flavour.
Lansa will join Idera's Developer Tools Business, which includes Embarcadero, Froala, Sencha, Assembla and Whole Tomato.
- RAD Server updates that include new components for simplifying JSON processing work and building backends for Sencha Ext JS web applications.
Although it was a blind tasting, the categories could be identified amongst the ten, which were: the four types of Sencha teas, normal and deep steamed, grown in full sun and partially shaded--Gyokuro, Tamaryokucha, Kamairicha, Hojicha --fully oxidized teas and partly oxidized teas.
Those with a sweet palate can opt for a passionfruit Sencha green tea that is best paired with tea biscuits.
Tea called Sencha is the most popular type of green tea, it contains less caffeine and tannin than other green tea varieties.
There is red wine infused with Earl Grey tea, white wine infused with Japanese Sencha tea, or spicy red wine named 'Bastarde.'
Or perhaps the sencha green tea blended with passion fruit, bush peach and wild strawberry flavours.
Sainsbury's has also brought out ROKU Japanese Craft Gin (PS30, 70cl) distilled with six Japanese botanicals: sakura flower (cherry blossom); yuzu peel; sencha tea; sansho pepper; sakura leaf and gyokuro tea.