send across

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w>send across

vt sephinüberschicken; (+prep obj) → schicken über (+acc)
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In the same spirit he said to the gate- porter as he went out, 'If some one staying in the hotel should wish to send across the road to me in the night, a crown will be ready for the messenger.' In the same spirit, he walked up and down outside the iron gate for the best part of an hour, with some solicitude; occasionally looking in between the bars, as if he had laid a dove in a high roost in a cage of lions, and had it on his mind that she might tumble out.
Sometimes she would lift and send across some great wave, burying her starboard-rail from view, and covering her deck to the hatches with the boiling ocean.
Firdous Ashiq Awan said we all should demonstrate unity for the Kashmir cause to send across a strong message.
Awan opined that Pakistan should demonstrate unity for the Kashmir cause to send across a strong message.
The message we want to send across is that though the incidents happened in the past, we strictly condemn it.
Summary: New Delhi [India], June 25 (ANI): After Prime Minister Narendra Modi quoted former Union Minister Arif Mohammad Khan in his speech in the Lok Sabha, the latter on Tuesday sided with him and said that Modi used his quote to send across a message.
Get potential contacts to then send across background details and proposals of how you could work together, again, via email.
Many unemployed youth said that they could not send across their job applications to various companies due to the continued suspension of the internet service.
Send across all the duas, MashAllahs and all other blessings you have.
"The message I want to send across is that beauty isn't measured in size.
Khaled El Khouly, chief consumer officer, Etisalat UAE, said, 'Research has shown that m-banking and m-payments can help lower the transaction costs of money transfer, increase the flow of money by making it easier to send across smaller amounts, and introduce secure financial transactions and management without bank accounts.
He was primarily accused of stealing cars to send across the border to Syria and shooting at security forces and the Army.