send along

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w>send along

vt sep(her-/hin)schicken
References in classic literature ?
Mean while inhabit laxe, ye Powers of Heav'n, And thou my Word, begotten Son, by thee This I perform, speak thou, and be it don: My overshadowing Spirit and might with thee I send along, ride forth, and bid the Deep Within appointed bounds be Heav'n and Earth, Boundless the Deep, because I am who fill Infinitude, nor vacuous the space.
Came across your article, "Browning Buckmark Varmint/Silhouette" (February 2018) and I wanted to send along my sincere thanks for mentioning our Acraglas so prominently in the piece.
Send along your address to and we will send the first 50 recipients a free "Are You A Miler?
Pre Qualification: Annexure-A:Checklist Must Be Completely Filled, Duly Signed & Should Be Send Along With The Offer.
ONLY PS2.50RRP PS5.00 FREE P&P UK TO ORDER SIMPLY CALL 0845 143 0001, VISIT WWW.ZUTOPIA.CO.UK OR COMPLETE THE COUPON AND SEND ALONG WITH PAYMENT TO: Reader Offers Dept, Media Wales Ltd, Six Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR NAME: ADDRESS: Cheques made payable to: Media Wales Ltd POSTCODE: DAYTIME TEL NO: EMAIL ADDRESS: Media Wales will use your information and analysis.
After reading over your list of approved wet foods, I thought I would send along the label of my preferred wet dog food, Party Animal.
HOW TO CLAIM: TO claim your free ITV Icons DVD simply complete the order form, below, and send along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope (SSAE), at least 200mm x 200mm, with stamps to the value of 58p, to the address below or send a cheque or postal order for pounds 1.99 to cover postage by Friday, Dec 23, 2011.
Or you can get the whole collection by post, simply fill out the collector coupon, below, and send along with six different vouchers from the Daily and Sunday Mirror and a cheque for pounds 7.99 to the address printed.
Then once you have created your masterpiece, send along another picture or link, so that we can all applaud!
For those looking for deeper feedback, send along three songs and seven questions, and the voice coach will give her full assessment and recommend song choices and voice-tailored exercises.
Secondly, did the DHSS send along anybody to check if these claims were genuine?
To enter this competition, collect six differentlynumbered tokens published in the Chronicle - the first was printed on Monday and the last is on Saturday - and send along with this completed coupon to Evening Chronicle 42" TV Competition, PO Box 358, Newcastle, NE99 1BT.