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Verb1.send out - to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place; "He had sent the dispatches downtown to the proper people and had slept"
channel, channelise, channelize, transmit, transport, transfer - send from one person or place to another; "transmit a message"
send in - mail in; cause to be delivered; "Send in your comments"
mail out - transmit by mail; "The company mailed out the catalog to all potential customers"
mail, get off - send via the postal service; "I'll mail you the check tomorrow"
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يَبْعَثُيُصْدِرُ، يُنْتِجُيُوَزِّع بالبَريد
sættesende ududsende
sända ut
phân phát

w>send out

vt sep
(out of house, room) → hinausschicken (of aus); he sent me out to the post officeer hat mich zur Post® geschickt; she sent me out to buy a papersie hat mich losgeschickt, um eine Zeitung zu kaufen; the company started sending work outdie Firma hat angefangen, Arbeit außer Haus zu geben
(= emit) rays, radio signalsaussenden; light, heat, radiationausstrahlen, abgeben; smokeausstoßen, abgeben
leaflets, invitations, application formsverschicken
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(send) past tense, past participle sent (sent) verb
1. to cause or order to go or be taken. The teacher sent the disobedient boy to the headmaster; She sent me this book.
2. to move rapidly or with force. He sent the ball right into the goal.
3. to cause to go into a certain, usually bad, state. The news sent them into a panic.
ˈsender noun
a person who sends eg a letter.
send away for
to order by post. I've sent away for some things that I saw in the catalogue.
send down
to expel (a student) from a university.
send for
to ask to come, or order to be delivered. Her son was sent for; I'll send for a taxi.
send in
to offer or submit, eg for a competition. He sent in three drawings for the competition.
send off to accompany (a person) to the place, or be at the place, where he will start a journey: A great crowd gathered at the station to send the football team off (noun ˈsend-off)
send off for
to send away for.
send out
1. to distribute eg by post. A notice has been sent out to all employees.
2. (eg of plants) to produce. This plant has sent out some new shoots.
send (someone) packing / send (someone) about his business
to send (a person) away firmly and without politeness. He tried to borrow money from me again, but I soon sent him packing.
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send out

يَبْعَثُ rozeslat sende ud hinausschicken διανέμω mandar lähettää émettre razaslati distribuire 発送する 내보내다 versturen sende ut rozesłać expedir рассылать sända ut ส่งออกไป göndermek phân phát 发出
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