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So, every time we came to the senior common room, we used to say, 'Give me Oyugi special,'" he said.
lan Martin, president of Grey College senior common room, said: "We are delighted to have Seif as a speaker.
This leaves the library, with its Art Deco furniture and senior common room, with grand piano and fine works of art, for smaller ceremonies.
Ms Rachlin, who is a member of the Grey College Senior Common Room at Durham University, said: "This is a fascinating story with some colourful tales of their private lives.
The drastic measures are understood to have been taken by University of Ulster bosses in a bid to halt an ongoing student sit-in over the closure of their senior common room at the Coleraine campus.
The project will also include for providing refurbished offices for School of Earth & Environment and Faculty Office in the former Senior Common Room.
It was an odd place for a kid from the east end of Glasgow to go because some of these people insisted on wearing gowns to lectures and the students' union still had a junior and senior common room.
To the fury of some of his critics, Henderson preferred Sandy Bell's bar to the senior common room, and liked nothing better than travelling the berry-fields and byways of Scotland in search of singers like Jeannie Robertson, the Stewarts of Blair, and many others.
He tells the story of how he and other members of the management team of Oxford Molecular entertained Japanese partners in the Senior Common Room at Brasenose College.
His own architectural talents emerged later, in a subtle extension to the Senior Common Room at St John's, and in his own house, characteristically modest from the outside but internally light and spacious.
The quad has worked well, so when ever increasing numbers of fellows caused the college to decide to extend its Senior Common Room (SCR) with new dining and social spaces, Richard MacCormac was given the job.
All very high-minded, with a whiff of the senior common room at an Oxford college.

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