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Noun1.senior pilot - the pilot in charge of an airshipsenior pilot - the pilot in charge of an airship  
group captain - a commissioned officer (especially one in the Royal Air Force) equivalent in rank to a colonel in the army
airplane pilot, pilot - someone who is licensed to operate an aircraft in flight
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The senior pilot and his trainee co-pilot, whose name could not be ascertained, remained unhurt and safe.
Source apprissed that the low-flying Cessna plane was on its training trip and way from Karachi to Thatta and was made its take-off at about 9:00 am probably developed a fault and the senior pilot skilfully made an emergency landing on the way of common transportation at about 9:40 am and succeeded to make landing safely without any major losses.
An Air India senior pilot has alleged that she was sexually harassed by one of the airline's commander on May 5 in the Indian city of Hyderabad.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Apr 30 (ANI): National carrier Air India on Tuesday appointed senior pilot Arvind Kathpalia, who was sacked from the post of Director (Operations) for failing in a mandatory breath analyzer test, as its Regional Director for Northern region.
Andy Shanks, senior pilot, retired when he turned 60 on February 21.
The senior pilot, who has been serving the national carrier since late 1980s, was elevated to the post of director in March 2017 from the position of ED, just about two months after his flying licence was suspended for three months for skipping a breath analyser (BA) or alcohol test.
Captain Grant Elgar, who served 23 years in the British Army and is now WAA's senior pilot, said: "A handful of the pilots and medics who work on board the WAA helicopters are either former or currently serving military personnel.
It had four pilots with senior pilot Captain Joseph Kinuthia leading the crew.
Because CNAC was a joint venture of the Nationalist Chinese government and Pan American Airways, McDonald was able to take a position as a senior pilot flying for PanAm on their South American routes until his wife's health forced him to retire from airline flying.
"Captain Zaharie dipped his wing to see Penang, his hometown," Simon Hardy, a Boeing 777 senior pilot and instructor, said on "60 Minutes."
Co-pilot William, 35, and his senior pilot Captain Dave Kelly touched down in a meadow next to the road at 11.13pm after dodging bullocks and sheep.

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