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Noun1.sense of movement - the ability to feel movements of the limbs and bodysense of movement - the ability to feel movements of the limbs and body
proprioception - the ability to sense the position and location and orientation and movement of the body and its parts
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But instead, dynamic LED has been integrated into the lightboxes to create an eye-catching sense of movement - in this case, flowing water - for only 20% of the cost of the video wall alternative.
The photographs convey a sense of movement, activity -- of life -- before the beginning of World War I.
Most notably, the lion head on the jersey incorporates extra flap details to enhance a sense of movement. Similarly, the trim loops of the jersey and headband follow costume conventions.
While the poetry "proceeds at walking pace driven in its movement by curiosity and in its pauses by what is arresting," the images balance on the fulcrum between order and chaos, forcing the eye to rest on stillness and be tricked into a sense of movement.
"However, older pupils with wheelchairs do not have a cycling option at the moment.These bikes will give them a sense of movement and an experience they cannot get in any other way."
The letters that he draws in exhibits such as 'Al-Wakeel' have a sense of movement to them that signifies the spiritual growth that the artist must've felt during the process.
The gradient of these bars creates a sense of movement, upwards and to the right, representing positive growth, lift-off and escape velocity.
A fast rush of water accompanies a school of playful dolphins, providing a sense of movement. The virtual diver even experiences the sensation of corkscrew turns, while zipping past coral reefs and sunken shipwrecks.
There is a wonderful sense of movement as the reader is invited to fully engage with the text and illustrations, including turning the book on its side as the poor bear falls from the top branches of the tallest tree in the forest.
For me cubism represents a fusion of my past and present and it adds depth and a sense of movement to my work," the artist says.
Be the subjects coastal or otherwise, his works are united by a sense of movement and change, both in the figurative forms depicted, and in the expression of the landscape itself.
Kinaesthesia is defined here as the sense of movement as a source of personal knowledge and a resource for innovation in the arts and wider culture.