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Yet it was there, shouting its message of warning through every tissue cell, every nerve quickness and brain sensitivity of him--a totality of sensation that foreboded the ultimate catastrophe of life about which he knew nothing at all, but which, nevertheless, he felt to be the conclusive supreme disaster.
M2 PHARMA-July 17, 2019-Verm Publishes New Study Demonstrating Overa's Greater Sensitivity in Detecting Ovarian Cancer Compared with ROMA, HE4 + CA125, and CA125 Alone
The study of 993 patients with 245 malignancies shows that Vermillion's second generation multivariate index assay, Overa, had superior sensitivity to the current standards of care, Risk of Malignancy Algorithm, or ROMA, and CA125, in detecting ovarian cancer, and the lowest false-negative rate in correctly characterizing ovarian malignancy risk.
Keywords: Acne vulgaris, body image, weight, attribution, appearance, life satisfaction, rejection sensitivity.
Researchers set out to better understand emotional sensitivity over a lifespan.
Fixed partial denture is used to replace missing teeth and optimize oral function like mastication as well as enhancing esthetics.1 However, sensitivity to hot and cold are the consequences of newly cemented crown on vital teeth and can become problematic for patient and dentist.2
Securities and Exchange Commission, affirmed DWS Rendite Optima Four Seasons Fund's ratings at Fund Credit Quality 'AAf' and at Fund Market Risk Sensitivity 'S1'.
TOOTH sensitivity can occur due to many causes, which include tooth decay, gum disease, enamel abrasion, gastric regurgitation, anatomical aspects and gum recession.
This phenomenon is called stress sensitivity, which would produce negative impact on oil and gas field exploration [1-5].
Maternal sensitivity is a core construct in attachment theory that was developed to explain the parental qualities and behaviours that promote attachment security.
The Properties of Energetic Materials: Sensitivity, Physical and Thermodynamic Properties