sensor network

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sensor network


wireless sensor network

(Computer Science) computing a network of tiny autonomous devices embedded in everyday objects or sprinkled on the ground, able to communicate using wireless links
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Major application of sensor network is to collect information from environment.
When users monitor events or analyze sensed data, data query becomes an important operation in wireless sensor networks. Recently, many existing privacy techniques can be employed in sensor network scenarios.
Wireless sensor network technologies can make up for these deficiencies.
The Next Generation Air Pollution Monitoring System (TNGAPMS) classified into three types of sensor networks based upon the carriers of the sensing elements are Sensors static Sensor Network (SSN), Community Sensor Network (CSN), Vehicle Sensor Networks (VSN).
* Barrier coverage: minimizing the probability of undetected intruders through the barrier or sensor network.
In this paper we are trying to explore various aspects of medium access control (MAC) protocols in wireless sensor network. Creating a sensor network infrastructure, establishing communication links for data transfer between them and efficiently share communication resources between each sensor nodes are the important objectives of MAC protocol.
Nowadays, there are a large variety of networks spanning from the well-known cellular networks to non-infrastructure wireless networks such as mobile ad hoc networks and sensor networks. Communication security is essential to the success of wireless sensor network applications, especially for those mission-critical applications working in unattended and even hostile environments.
It is known that there is no introduction on the problem of sensor network deployment facing multisensor cross cueing in the former study, but multisensor cross cueing takes place in the sensor network, requiring good connection of the sensor network to satisfy the need of communication.
As the wireless sensor network (WSN) becomes pervasive, lots of recent research works tend to focus on application specific properties.
With the widespread application of wireless sensor network technology, there are more and more usage and researches of wireless sensor technology, such as in the fields of environmental testing, geological exploration and even military information transmission, in which wireless sensor network technology is dominant (Gong, 2011).
Internet of Things enabler Telit has introduced a new integration agreement with Libelium, a maker of wireless sensor network hardware, the company said.
A Wireless sensor network (WSN) contains a lot of sensor nodes which have the ability to communicate among themselves using radio antenna.

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