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A plural of sensorium.
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Tambien en el corazon del pueblo se encuentra Sensoria, un jardin termal creado para el uso y disfrute de tus cinco sentidos.
Sensoria Fitness, a Washington state startup which has produced wearable tech for runners and soccer players, unveiled a system to use sensors to keep track of seniors and persons in rehabilitation.
Sensoria Smart Running Shoes are the ideal product for distance runners, providing athletes with detailed visual and auditory real-time biometric feedback.
University-based researchers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies have been reaching out to Sensoria about doing clinical studies, says Sharlene Sternberg, the company's marketing manager.
Combining datum and sensoria, the neologism in the title "Datumsoria: An Exhibition of Liu Xiaodong, Carsten Nicolai, and Nam June Paik" simultaneously refers to a new sensory space and a creative apparatus opened up by the information age.
8) Sensoria Fitness Sock - A combination of e-textile, a snap-on anklet and mobile apps to track your workout, the Sensoria Fitness Sock makes for a true wearable tech product in the truest sense of the word.
Iceland was my highlight and we made it to the Arctic Circle and Sensoria Festival in Shef-f field.
The new Sensoria Fitness Socks act like a circuit board on your foot.
Sensoria claims that by recording your technique in this way the risk to injury can be reduced; and running techniques (as well as running times) can be improved.
In sections on translation, material memory, spaces and places, bodies and sensoria, and subjectivities, 19 essays--three in French and one in German--examine the material dimension.
Ces derniers ont clairement exprime vouloir se <<sentir chez eux>> dans cet espace museal, mais n'ont pas reussi a pleinement s'y identifier etant donne le fosse creuse entre le sensorium museal et les sensoria autochtones.
Heapsylon is developing an e-textile sensor technology called Sensoria that will provide foot-strike analysis and stride cadence.