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A plural of sensorium.
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5 times longer, (4) siphunculi conspicuous (in exceptional cases, lacking or very small), (5) head and prothorax well separated; (6) compound eyes large with numerous ommatidia, (7) secondary sensoria rounded or ovoid, etc.
La Sociedad Internacional para el Estudio del Dolor lo define como una experiencia sensoria y emocional desagradable, asociada con dano tisular real o potencial.
There is also extensive coverage of the product/market strategies of leading firms in this space including: Adidas, AiQ, BASF, Bekaert, BeBop, Bodi Trak, Carre, Chromat, Cisalfa, Clariant, Clothing+, Diffus, Dow Chemical, DuPont, Durafil, Google, Heddoko, Imprint Energy, Intel, Jabil, Lands' End, Levi Strauss, LifeSense, Lost Explorer, MAD Apparel, Nike, Nolla, NTT, Ohmatex, Philips Healthcare, Ralph Lauren, Sarvint, Schoeller Textiles, Sefar, Sensoria, Silic, SLIP Technologies, TE Connectivity, Under Armour, Viavi, VTT and others
Also on the bill are the ex-Wormhole core of E+S=B (formerly Electronic Sensoria Band).
BeBop Sensors - CETEMMSA - Clothing+ - Electrozyme - Imec - Johnson & Johnson Innovations - Medtronic - Ohmatex - PST Sensors - Proteus Digital Health - Sensoria - Stretchsense - Thalmic Labs - Vivalnk
The European Sensoria Band put on these improvisational gigs in the Joinery which have expanded my mind in the last two years and all the above have been a great inspiration to me.
0 times the length of the base of antennal segment VI; there are only secondary sensoria (1-5) on antennal segment III (Fig.
Entire length of dorsal face of AntIII spinulate, 80-90% of length of ventral face bearing 31-50 narrow transverse secondary sensoria (Fig.