sensorimotor region

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Noun1.sensorimotor region - an area of the cortex including the precentral gyrus and the postcentral gyrus and combining sensory and motor functions
cortical area, cortical region - any of various regions of the cerebral cortex
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Results: VMHC in the visual region (inferior occipital and fusiform gyri) and the sensorimotor region (paracentral lobule) showed significant differences among the three groups (P < 0.05, a false discovery rate method corrected).
In human, the embryonic patterning affects all brain regions from then forebrain through the spinal column, such that by the end of the embryonic period primitive patterning of sensorimotor regions within the neocortex is established (Bishop et al., 2000), major compartments within diencephalic and midbrain regions have differentiated (Kiecker & Lumsden, 2004; Nakamura et al., 2005), and the segmental organization of the hindbrain and spinal column have been specified (Gavalas et al., 2003).