sensorineural hearing loss

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Noun1.sensorineural hearing loss - hearing loss due to failure of the auditory nerve
hearing disorder, hearing impairment - impairment of the sense of hearing
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Temporal bone computed tomography findings in bilateral sensorineural hearing loss.
Sensorineural hearing loss is the most common form of hearing loss and occurs when there is damage to the inner ear (cochlea).
The authors write: "Thus, treatment options for profound unilateral sensorineural hearing loss in children are limited, thereby creating a source of frustration and a need for alternative treatments.
METHODS: This study was carried on 140 patients complaining of long standing unilateral chronic suppurative otitis media prospectively studied and to evaluate the effect of chronic suppurative otitis media on sensorineural hearing loss.
SIFEM focuses on the development of a Semantic Infostructure interlinking an open source Finite Element Tool with existing data, models and new knowledge for the multi-scale modelling of the inner-ear with regard to the sensorineural hearing loss.
Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) is defined as an abrupt decline of >30 dB HL in at least three contiguous frequencies over a period of up to 3 days, with an estimated incidence ranging from 5 to 160 per 100,000 persons annually.
Drill-generated sensorineural hearing loss following mastoid surgery.
In view of contradictory results regarding hearing impairment in diabetic patients, this study was done to assess the hearing threshold level in diagnosed patients of diabetes mellitus to study the correlation between the degree of sensorineural hearing loss and the duration, severity of diabetes mellitus and its complications.
Switzerland-based Auris Medical has completed patient enrolment in the Phase three HEALOS clinical trial of its AM-111, in idiopathic sudden sensorineural hearing loss (ISSNHL), also called sudden deafness, it was reported yesterday.
The prevalence of bilateral sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) is less than 5% and the etiology of most cases is unknown.
The present series included 95 children with sensorineural hearing loss.
MD is a neurotologic disease that involves episodic vertigo, fluctuating sensorineural hearing loss and intermittent or constant tinnitus and is thought to be due to a swelling of the inner ear.