sensory fiber

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Noun1.sensory fiber - a nerve fiber that carries impulses toward the central nervous system
nerve fiber, nerve fibre - a threadlike extension of a nerve cell
afferent, afferent nerve, sensory nerve - a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system
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The pain is characterized by a variety of forms of expression because PHN impairs all the three kinds of sensory fiber, such as C, A[delta], and A[beta] fibers.
Each sensory fiber (mediating touch, pain, heat, cold, pressure, static limb position, kinesthesia, etc.) is associated with a unique receptor and fiber type.
"A long and wandering nerve, the vagus nerve is made of both motor and sensory fibers and connects the brain stem to organs and systems, including the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys and female sex organs, as well as linking the neck, ears and tongue to the brain," explained Dr Adatia.
Trigeminal sensory fibers innervating the dura mater run perivascularly along middle meningeal artery and its branches (3) therefore changes in the diameter of meningeal arteries can be readily sensed by these trigeminal sensory nerve terminals.
The heart lacks somatic sensory innervation but contains a large number of visceral sensory fibers. The sympathetic autonomic nervous system relays angina signals from the ischemic myocardium to the central nervous system.
Conduction velocity of the nerve is determined by the velocity of fast fibers and amplitude of SNAP is determined by the numbers of large sensory fibers activated.
The symptoms secondary to disturbances of sensory fibers could negatively affect the quality of life of patients with NBS.
There was electrophysiologic evidence on this examination of a severe, left ulnar nerve mononeuropathy at the elbow, at or distal to the medial epicondyle/ olecranon and distal to the innervation of the FCU; demyelinating and axonal loss neuropathic process affecting both motor and sensory fibers; and chronic denervation of the left first dorsal interosseous (1st DI) and abductor digiti minimi (ADM).
As the clinical course progresses, other sensory fibers can be involved as well as motor and autonomic fibers that respectively innervate muscles that move the eyes and face and control function of the eye, pupil and the bladder.
The sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight) fibers regulate the sensory fibers. Maybe drugs such as SNRIs work not on the brain, but in the periphery?