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a. Relating to or involving gratification of the senses: sensuous enjoyment; sensuous music.
b. Sexually attractive.
2. Relating to or affecting the senses; sensory: direct, sensuous experience of the world.

sen′su·os′i·ty (-ŏs′ĭ-tē), sen′su·ous·ness (-əs-nĭs) n.
sen′su·ous·ly adv.
Synonyms: sensuous, sensual, luxurious, voluptuous
These adjectives mean of, given to, or furnishing satisfaction of the senses. Sensuous usually applies to the senses involved in aesthetic enjoyment, as of art or music: "The sensuous joy from all things fair / His strenuous bent of soul repressed" (John Greenleaf Whittier).
Sensual more often applies to the physical senses or appetites, particularly those associated with sexual pleasure: "Of music Dr. Johnson used to say that it was the only sensual pleasure without vice" (William Seward).
Luxurious suggests a surrender to physical comfort leading to a delightful feeling of well-being: They stayed in a luxurious suite with a crystal chandelier and thick oriental rugs. Voluptuous principally implies abandoning oneself to pleasures, especially sensual pleasures: "Lucullus ... returned to Rome to lounge away the remainder of his days in voluptuous magnificence" (J.A. Froude).
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Adv.1.sensuously - with aesthetic gratification or delight; "sensuously delighting in the wine and food"
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[ˈsensjʊəslɪ] ADVsensualmente, con sensualidad
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[ˈsɛnʃʊəsli] advsensuellement
sensuously perfumed → au parfum sensuel
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(ˈsenʃuəs) adjective
affecting the senses pleasantly. Her sculptures have a sensuous quality.
ˈsensuously adverb
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I don't mean one can't reside--for a great many people manage that; but one can't live aesthetically--I may almost venture to say, sensuously. This is why I have always been so much drawn to the French, who are so aesthetic, so sensuous.
Moreover, his affection itself was less fire than radiance, and, with regard to the other sex, when he ceased to believe he ceased to follow: contrasting in this with many impressionable natures, who remain sensuously infatuated with what they intellectually despise.
He stood erect, seeing wide-eyed the secrecy of the scene and sensuously inhaling the warm, sweet breath of the canyon-garden through nostrils that dilated and quivered with delight.
She is a unique artist who sensuously enweaves in the canvas with living wool, love and beauty.
Prabhas seems to be smitten by Shraddha who dances sensuously to the song.Sung by Dhvani Bhanushali, the song has been composed and written by Tanishk Bagchi.
Boasting of Hyundai's Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design, the Accent is a head-turner with well-defined lines and seamlessly sculpted contours that make for a sensuously sporty style.
Check out the Ace Collection of chairs, stools and sofas, sensuously curved pieces contoured with high-comfort foam that looks anything but self-assembled.
Bogie Tence Ruiz had humans sensuously morphing into a single reality with trees and vines as DengCoy Miel time-traveled with our ancestors, inner beasts and demons.
While studded with classic and original torch songs, sensuously performed by Porkalob and a live jazz combo, Dragon Lady doesn't romanticize her gutsy forebear.
Let the sensuously smooth buttermilk pancakes drizzled in Canadian maple syrup get you into the mood, or give yourself over to pure pleasure with options such as the 150g bavette steak, or eggs benedict with smoked salmon or pork bacon served on an English muffin."
Soprano Lauren Snouffer, dauntingly faced with succeeding the unique Barbara Hannigan as the intellectually and emotionally questing Agnes, performed sensuously and stirringly; and Anthony Roth Costanzo--in much better countertenorial form than I'd heard him sounding recently--easily offered my experience's most convincing physical embodiment of the angel who becomes 'the Boy.'
Splendidly colorful and intricately formed, her paintings--twenty-one examples of which were on display in this excellent show--are sensuously inviting, emotionally engaging, and seductively exciting.