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Noun1.sentence structure - the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences
structure - the complex composition of knowledge as elements and their combinations; "his lectures have no structure"
linguistics - the scientific study of language
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Exclamations may have the sentence structure as simple statements, but the exclamation mark tells us to read them emphatically.
For a language like English, researchers need to invest time and development making ways for AI to understand areas like syntax and sentence structure. By bypassing these hoops for agents to jump through and allowing AI to work without needing human language, researchers have argued that AI-powered hardware or software could learn at even faster rates.
does not have much information about grammar or sentence structure; it is especially for younger children who are just beginning to express themselves through writing, or possibly still learning how to draw letters of the alphabet.
This case shows that the sentence structure is quite rigid and judges have to work within it.
An Introduction to English Sentence Structure: Clauses, Markers, Missing Elements
If you need a formula to teach writing skills and have students effectively work on forming good, cohesive sentence structure, this book has some great ideas worth noting.
It could also be used to teach students to analyse sentence structure and to recognise simple and compound sentences.
architecture: nouns, verbs, sentence structure. I paid no mind to that
One group of chapters is devoted to the writing process, effective paragraphs, and sentence structure. Later chapters cover types of legal arguments, interviewing and counseling the client, letter writing, and writing the trial brief, the appellate brief, and the oral argument.
"But in the past when we've tried to get computer models of a brain to do that, we haven't been successful." This shows that human brains are able to understand the sentence as a structure with variables -- a subject, a verb and often, an object -- and that the brain can assign a wide variety of words to those variables and still understand the sentence structure. But the way the brain does this has not been understood.
Resolutions should be submitted in the proper format and attention should be paid to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure to ensure that the intent of the resolution is clearlv stated.