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 (sĕn-tĕn′shə, -shē-ə)
n. pl. sen·ten·ti·ae (-shē-ē′)
An adage or aphorism.

[Latin; see sentence.]


an opinion, idea, thought, or aphorism, whether written or spoken; a maxim or proverb
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Using Aristotle's Metaphysics, Aquinas's Sententia super Metaphysica and Aristotle's Ethics as starting points, Kempshall explains Dante's conception of peace in Monarchia as a forerunner of Dante's projection of "a new world order" in the Commedia.
Zapata is founder and general partner of Sententia Capital Management, a value investing focused capital management firm.
The declarative, precise, and even irksome qualities of the sententia are everywhere present in Premonition:
Age quanta est illa et Atheniensium et Romanorum sententia laude celebranda, qua optimos cives ut medicos imitentur hortantur?
In this second installment of the Sententia series, Second Thoughts, Cara Bertrand once again delivers a dramatic paranormal thriller with all the mystery, secrets, and threats one could handle.
Husband Tim had expressed surprise that she had never tried to write fiction, prompting the genesis of what is now called The Sententia Series.
A new collection of his poetry, The Weaklings, will be released this fall by Sententia Books.
1-5 <<Auitus episcopus, scientia secularium litterarum doctissimus, edidit quinque libros heroico metro compositos, quorum primus est de origine mundi, secundus de originali peccato, tertius de sententia Dei, quartus de diluuio mundi, quintus de transitu maris Rubri>>: Carmina de spiritalis historiae gestis (CPL 995);
Sententia est vel opinio vel perceptio, opinio a ratione, perceptio a sensu (A6.
The sententia goes awry: the Gallic rooster dies and the anthropomorphized revolution suffers a stroke; concrete entities such as fat peasants and boilers are mixed with idealistic notions such as "revolution" and "Gallic rooster.
22) Reading this phrase in the translation of William of Moerbeke, Aquinas, who commented on it in his Sententia libri Ethicorum, would undoubtedly have noticed how in the remainder of the sentence Aristotle linked the theme of friendship as a binding force within the polis to the related theme of concord:
The primacy of Cicero's sententia has previous y been acknowledged.