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 (sĕn-tĕn′shəl, -shē-əl)
adj. Linguistics
Of or relating to a sentence.

sen·ten′tial·ly adv.


(sɛnˈtɛn ʃəl)

pertaining to or of the nature of a sentence.
[1425–75; late Middle English < Latin sententi(a) sentence + -al1]
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Adj.1.sentential - of or relating to a sentence; "the sentential subject"
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Linguists consider the verbal domain, the clausal and sentential domains, the nominal domain, and typological aspects of the Romance languages.
05 is, according to Brown's model (1991), sentential, which means that the negator embeds the entire clause.
In the present data, inter sentential code switching occurs when explaining or instructing the comprehension exercises.
html) Orlando Sentential reported that he told the hosts, "Obviously, it's not the outcome we wanted.
In Wilkie Collins's The Moonstone, for instance, "the larger narrative mystery" is only resolved through "the scrutiny of a series of sentential ellipses" (136).
Before this point there is precisely one letter in the sentential form with subscript #, and after there are no letters with subscript #.
The first part of this paper provides such a refutation by showing that the notion of essence cannot be analyzed in terms of any sentential operator definable in the language of standard quantified modal logic.
if the it is a sentential AdvP, taking under its scope/being adjoined to the IP, or a VP adverb) appears to be of little relevance, the author classifies them into two big groups, each one including adverbs from different classes, i.
Babak presents himself for accountability: The ANP KPK general secretary MPA Sardar Hussain Babak while addressing as chief guest the oath taking ceremony function of the district chapter of all Pakistan clerks association here at sentential model high school Daggar branded the KPK government initiated accountability a political victimization of the opponents and promised of saying good bye to politics if he is proved corrupt.
The value or interest of such an arbitrary structure is best illustrated by the following sentential examples.
But then again, its end benefit of erasing karma or earning indulgences to deduct from my sentential years in Purgatory would still be at issue.
non-scalar) and animacy of the sentential subject have been found to impact generic vs.