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 (sĕn′shəns, -shē-əns, -tē-əns)
1. The quality or state of being sentient; consciousness.
2. Feeling as distinguished from perception or thought.
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(ˈsɛnʃəns) or


1. the state or quality of being sentient; awareness
2. sense perception not involving intelligence or mental perception; feeling
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(ˈsɛn ʃəns)

also sen′tien•cy,

sentient condition or character; capacity for sensation or feeling.
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Noun1.sentience - state of elementary or undifferentiated consciousness; "the crash intruded on his awareness"
consciousness - an alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation; "he lost consciousness"
2.sentience - the faculty through which the external world is apprehended; "in the dark he had to depend on touch and on his senses of smell and hearing"
faculty, mental faculty, module - one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
sense modality, sensory system, modality - a particular sense
sensitivity, sensitiveness, sensibility - (physiology) responsiveness to external stimuli; the faculty of sensation; "sensitivity to pain"
3.sentience - the readiness to perceive sensations; elementary or undifferentiated consciousness; "gave sentience to slugs and newts"- Richard Eberhart
animateness, liveness, aliveness - the property of being animated; having animal life as distinguished from plant life
insentience - lacking consciousness or ability to perceive sensations
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nEmpfindungsvermögen nt; the sentience of approaching deathdas Vorgefühl des nahenden Todes
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This opinion, in its general form, was that of the sentience of all vegetable things.
Each day he tried the lifting of greater weight, and it seemed almost as if the machine had a sentience of its own, which was increasing with the obstacles placed before it.
Not a thing seemed to be stirring, but all to be grim and fixed as death or fate, so that a thin streak of white mist, that crept with almost imperceptible slowness across the grass towards the house, seemed to have a sentience and a vitality of its own.
How can we ascertain that artificial intelligence has attained sentience, when we don't understand the nature of consciousness itself?
Siddhartha Gautama thought that the very essence of sentience is suffering.
Fortunately, new research is showing us that sentience is ubiquitous in the complex, interconnected, magical web of existence.
"Given there's now a cross-party consensus in this House that we should enshrine recognition of animal sentience in law, shouldn't the Government require the United States to do equivalent legislation at federal level as a precondition to any trade deal?" Mr Gove said it was a "very good point" before praising Mr Eustice for his ministerial service at Defra, adding: "I so enjoyed serving with him and, as ever, he shows his commitment to animal welfare and to the highest standards in farming remains undimmed - we're very, very lucky to have him in this House."
The original film is less a lofty probe into sentience and more a straightforward tale of human hubris and robot revolt.
They provide a special emphasis on sentient conservation, human and animal marginalization, and the subjectivity and sentience of animals.
"The fact the AI gave a fellow machine sentience, placed it in a sort of combat situation and then had it escaping into the sunset, was such an emotional response from what is essentially a digital platform," the director added in a statement, according to Variety.
Speaking at the launching press conference of #SaveThe9th here at Karachi Press Club, the Pink Ribbon Chief Executive Officer, Omer Aftab, highlighted the sensitivity of the disease, need of sentience about it and provision of healthcare facilities.