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 (sĕp′ər-ə-tĭst, sĕp′rə-, sĕp′ə-rā′-)
1. One who secedes or advocates separation from a group, as from a nation or an established church.
2. One who advocates cultural, ethnic, or racial separation.

sep′a·ra·tism n.
sep′a·ra·tist adj.
sep′a·ra·tis′tic adj.
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Paul Nisly then juxtaposes that spectacle with an image of Messiah College's founders: men and women of the Brethren in Christ Church, a "small denomination with visibly separatistic leanings" (1), who launched a modest Bible school and missionary training home in 1909.
The author emphasizes throughout, not the separatistic tendency of the AICs, but what binds Christians together.
Free from denominational oversight, Bright distanced Crusade and himself from separatistic fundamentalists in the 1950s and allowed staff to embrace folk rock music in the 1960s.