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 (sĕp′ə-rā′tĭv, sĕp′ər-ə-, sĕp′rə-)
Tending to separate or to cause separation.


(ˈsɛpərətɪv; ˈsɛprə-)
tending to separate or causing separation
ˈseparatively adv
ˈseparativeness n


(ˈsɛp ər ə tɪv, -əˌreɪ-)

1. tending to separate.
2. causing separation.
[1585–95; < Late Latin]
sep′a•ra`tive•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.separative - (used of an accent in Hebrew orthography) indicating that the word marked is separated to a greater or lesser degree rhythmically and grammatically from the word that follows it
disjunctive - serving or tending to divide or separate
2.separative - serving to separate or divide into parts; "partitive tendencies in education"; "the uniting influence was stronger than the separative"
disjunctive - serving or tending to divide or separate
3.separative - (of a word) referring singly and without exception to the members of a group; "whereas `each,' `every,' `either,' `neither,' and `none' are distributive or referring to a single member of a group, `which' in `which of the men' is separative"
distributive - serving to distribute or allot or disperse
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India's current enrichment capacity is 4200 Separative Work Units per year (SWU/yr).
Conclusion: Perianal abcess separative diagnostics should be taken into account, although with a low possibility, when evaluating patients, especially younger ones, that report with instantaneous gait disturbances.
2m was generated in 2015, down 19% over the prior year and reflects the anticipated reduction in the volume of separative work unit (SWU) sales and the expiration of its technology services contract as of 30 September 2015.
There is a need to bring change in behavior for countering the menace of violence against women which could not be done separative, rather a collaborative approach to be adopted by all stakeholders at large scale to get results in least possible time.
ISO 14644-1:2015, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments--Part 1: Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration, specifies the classification of air cleanliness in terms of concentration of airborne particles in cleanrooms and clean zones; and separative devices as defined in ISO 14644-7.
If "all the world" is not supportive of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, then "of course Russia's actions are separative if it is," the Foreign Minister has pointed out.
Jalili said, "Under this deal, we would need some 40 years to reach the 190,000 separative work units the Supreme Leader has underlined that the country needs.
Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in televised speech that the United States' goal at the nuclear talks is to convince Iran to limit its uranium enrichment capacity to 10,000 Separative Work Units (SWUs) while Tehran needs at least 190,000 SWUs.
This includes criticism of central features of Bonhoeffer's theology: his patriarchalism, his assumed perspective as a separative self, and the dangers of advocating "surrender" and submissiveness in relation to others.
Gender studies has revolutionized pastoral theology to the point that it "has sparked a shift in focus from the individual to the community, from personal distress to social injustice, from personal fulfillment to the common good, from an ontology of separative selfhood to an open web of relationality" (307).
5 million separative work units by 2016, which is two years ahead of the scheduled time.
Differences and distinctions that exist in physical things are always two-sided and are separative ('azl).