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(v. ˈsɛp əˌreɪt; adj., n. -ər ɪt)
v.t., v.i. -rat•ed, -rat•ing,
adj., n.
usage: See separate.
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In a seperate incident, a man was shot and injured by muggers over resistance in Orangi Town.
Tenders are invited for Pedal/Foot Operated Suction Apparatus As Per Specification 1 Two Seperate Suction System Electric Suction Apparatus And Vertical Foot Operated Suction.
He said that a seperate power plant should be installed for power-looms so that the sector did not face power supply problems.
Both technical and financial offers should be delivered in Arabic each in a seperate sealed envelope with tender number inscribed on it.
In Division IV only three points seperate the top three of Holmfirth A, Longley A and Marsden B.
Seperate infant room, toddler area, lobby area, plus a seperate leisure room.
At a seperate incident, settlers set fire to an olive grove near the city.
Antrim Crown Court, sitting in Coleraine, heard that 28-year-old Ryan McNeill has certificates to legally hold 14 seperate firearms.
During the two seperate meetings, issues of common.