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 (sĕp-tĕn′trē-ŏn′, -ən)
n. Obsolete
Northern regions; the north.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin septentriōnēs, seven plow oxen, the seven principal stars of Ursa Major or Ursa Minor : septem, seven; see septm̥ in Indo-European roots + triōnēs (pl. of triō, triōn-, plow ox; see terə- in Indo-European roots).]

sep·ten′tri·o·nal (-trē-ə-nəl) adj.


archaic the northern regions or the north
[C14: from Latin septentriōnēs, literally: the seven ploughing oxen (the constellation of the Great Bear), from septem seven + triōnēs ploughing oxen]
sepˈtentrional adj
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He brought our Saviour to the western side Of that high mountain, whence he might behold Another plain, long, but in breadth not wide, Washed by the southern sea, and on the north To equal length backed with a ridge of hills That screened the fruits of the earth and seats of men From cold Septentrion blasts; thence in the midst Divided by a river, off whose banks On each side an Imperial City stood, With towers and temples proudly elevate On seven small hills, with palaces adorned, Porches and theatres, baths, aqueducts, Statues and trophies, and triumphal arcs, Gardens and groves, presented to his eyes Above the highth of mountains interposed-- By what strange parallax, or optic skill Of vision, multiplied through air, or glass Of telescope, were curious to enquire.
SEPTENTRION A The north B Seven-foot verse C Composition for seven performers who am I?
beaucoup moins que]Il n'est plus permis de douter de la collusion entre les mouvements armes sevissant dans le septentrion malien et le terrorisme international.
Un tel positionnement strategique place tout naturellement le Maroc au coeur des efforts internationaux visant a barrer la route aux groupes extremistes et terroristes qui cherchent a s'implanter dans le septentrion sahelien.
Une implantation francaise au Quebec au XIXe siecle (Quebec: Septentrion 2012)
The prime number with which Mallarme was working, he believes, is seven, and the unique number 707--a hypothesis corroborated by several pieces of ingenious cryptogrammic reasoning, including the homonymic identity of the key word "si" (in the repeated phrase "com me si") with the seventh note in the sol-fa scale, and the discovery that two thematically related sonnets from the oeuvre contain, respectively, 70 and 77 words, while a third ("Sonneten - X") points, like the end of Coup de des, to the Septentrion constellation, named for its seven stars.
L'Essor+ indique, pour sa part, que "l'accouchement", certes, a ete difficile mais tout est bien qui finit bien : apres une dizaine de jours d'apres discussions, les autorites de la transition et les groupes rebelles qui ecumaient le septentrion sont parvenus a s'accorder sur le texte propose par le mediateur de la Cedeao.
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu 1880-1930, Quebec, Editions du Septentrion, 270 pages
Litterature et anthropologie dans les premiers textes sur la Nouvelle-France, Quebec, Septentrion.
Villeneuve d'Ascq: Presses Universitaire du Septentrion, 2010.