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Systemic infection of the blood by pathogenic microorganisms, especially bacteria, that originate from a localized source. Also called blood poisoning.

sep′ti·ce′mic (-mĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.septicemic - characteristic of septicemia; "a septicemic temperature curve"
infected, septic - containing or resulting from disease-causing organisms; "a septic sore throat"; "a septic environment"; "septic sewage"
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Tetracyclines are group of broad-spectrum antibiotics that are widely available, cheap and efficient in the treatment of respiratory, digestive and septicemic diseases.
Pneumonic plague is uncommon in dogs; most dogs with plague have bubonic or septicemic plague and signs of fever, lethargy, and peripheral lymphadenopathy (7).
Various biological and environmental factors, such as herd, cow parity, BCS at 1 month postpartum and first AI, resumption of cyclicity within 1 month of calving (determined by the existence of a CL using ultrasonography), year, AI season, insemination at detected estrus (IDE) or timed AI, peri- and postpartum disorders (dystocia, retained placenta, septicemic metritis, clinical endometritis, ketosis, milk fever, and abomasal displacement), and calving to first AI interval, were evaluated.
He said: "This was clearly a typical septicemic illness and Halle died of natural causes.
Pestis, a bacteria that causes the pneumonic, septicemic, and bubonic plagues, spread during the end of the Neolithic Age.
Pneumonic plague is one of three forms of plague (the others are septicemic plague and bubonic plague) and is hypothesized to be responsible for the "Black Death" that depopulated Europe in the 1300's.
Increased prevalence of extended spectrum [beta] - Lactamase producers in neonatal septicemic cases at tertiary referral hospital.
topical silver sulfadiazine, meloxicam * Trimethoprim/ sulfamethoxazole * Subcutaneous deslorelin 4.7 mg implant Abbrev: SCUD, septicemic cutaneous ulcerative disease; M, male; F, female; R, right; L, left.
Many authors [20,21] stated that Aeromonas species are important fresh water fish pathogenic bacteria, causing septicemic infections and associated with economic losses in fresh water fish culture worldwide.
Tanaka et al., "Fulminant septicemic syndrome of Bacillus cereus in a leukemic patient," Internal Medicine, vol.