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adj. Botany
Dehiscing by the breaking away of the valves from the septa. Used of a seed capsule.

[sept(um) + Latin frangere, to break; see bhreg- in Indo-European roots.]

sep·tif′ra·gal·ly adv.
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(Botany) (of a dehiscence) characterized by breaking apart from a natural line of division in the fruit
[C19: from septi-2 + -fragal, from Latin frangere to break]
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Fruit capsule usually dehiscent, septifragal or loculicidal, rarely indehiscent; seeds usually winged, rarely without wings (Woodson et al., 1973; Gentry, 1980; Lohmann, 2004).
The fruits are stipitate elongate-elliptical septifragal capsules with two to three wings formed from a 3-carpellate ovary (Ferrucci, 2006).
One is the 'Serjania group', comprising schizocarpic genera like Serjania, Houssayanthus and Lophostigma, and the other clade ('Paullinia group') consists of the mainly septifragal genera Paullinia, Cardiospermum and Urvillea (WECKERLE; RUTISHAUSER, 2005).
Thus, the three ventral bundles immersed in the parenchyma remain on the fruit axial region--comprising the columella--typical of septifragal capsules (Figures 3D, 4F to 4H).