septum pellucidum

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septum pel·lu·ci·dum

n. pl. septa pel·lu·ci·da (-də)
A thin membrane of nervous tissue that forms the medial wall of the lateral ventricles in the brain.

[New Latin sēptum pellūcidum : sēptum, septum + Latin pellūcidum, neuter of pellūcidus, transparent.]
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The detailed scan showed a female fetus with moderate ventriculomegaly, absence of the cavum septum pellucidum, a dilated third ventricle (Figure 1), echogenic lenses (Figure 2), retrognathia (inferior mandibular angle <50[degrees]), hypotelorism (binocular distance at 5th percentile and inter-ocular distance at 50th percentile), and microphthalmia (ocular diameter <5th percentile) (Figure 2).
An MRI of her brain showed cystic expansion ofthe cavum septum pellucidum and vergae, measuring 7.5 cm in greatest transverse dimension.
Magnetic resonance imaging discovered a shortage of cavum septum pellucidum, interlinked bilateral lateral ventricles of the brain, posterior horn of the left and right ventricles were 9.5 mm/9.3 mm, small cerebellar volume, normal cerebellar vermis, unclear commissura optica, and small right eyeball.
Septum pellucidum is a membrane with two foliums located in interior wall of the lateral ventricles.
According to&nbsp;a statement from Boston University's CTE Center, Hernandez&nbsp;"had early brain atrophy and large perforations in the septum pellucidum, a central membrane." This means that the Hernandez's&nbsp;brain had started to shrink and two holes where formed the membrane that divides the two cerebral hemispheres.
Absence of the septum pellucidum is a congenital defect with a wide spectrum of clinical presentations depending, in part, on whether it occurs with other brain abnormalities.
For measurement of septum pellucidum shift, a straight line was drawn in the expected location of the septum pellucidum from the most posterior aspects to the falx on axial images.
Her head CT showed right temporal intracerebral hemorrhage (30 cc) with mass effect on the right lateral ventricle and a 5 mm right to left mid-line shift at the septum pellucidum. Over the next five days she improved neurologically and was extubated.
No evidence of any hemorrhage or space-occupying lesion seen, persistent cavum septum pellucidum (Figures 2 & 3) was noted and ventricular system was unremarkable.
Central neurocytomas are typically midline supratentorial tumors located in the lateral or third ventricles in the region of the foramen of Monro, arising from the septum pellucidum, fornix, or walls of the lateral ventricles.
Beyin manyetik rezonans goruntulemesinde (MR), her iki optik sinir kalibrasyonunda incelme, septum pellucidum yoklugu ve her iki yan ventrikul frontal boynuzlarinda sekil bozuklugu goruldu (Resim 4a,b).