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1. One of seven offspring delivered at a single birth.
2. A group or combination of seven associated by common properties or behavior.

[From septuple (modeled on triplet).]


(sɛpˈtjuːplɪt; ˈsɛptjʊplɪt)
1. (Music, other) music a group of seven notes played in a time value of six, eight, etc
2. (Gynaecology & Obstetrics) one of seven offspring produced at one birth
3. a group of seven things


(sɛpˈtʌp lɪt, -ˈtu plɪt, -ˈtyu-)

1. a group or combination of seven things.
2. one of seven offspring born at one birth.
3. septuplets, seven children or offspring born of one pregnancy.
[1890–95; < Late Latin septuplus < Latin septum seven + -et]


[sepˈtjʊplɪt] Nseptillizo/a m/f


n (= baby)Siebenling m; (Mus) → Septole f
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The piece has a cool groove reminiscent of Ligeti's septuplet ostinato movement in his Six Bagatelles.
The subdivision technique will be of limited help to us here though, since subdividing a note into sixteenth-note or thirty-second note septuplet subdivisions is impractical even at moderate tempi.
For now, scientists know they have found a septuplet of new galaxies that were previously overlooked because of their diffuse nature: The ghostly galaxies emerged from the night sky as the team obtained the first observations from the "homemade" telescope.
Now the frontman of Manchester's craziest septuplet LOUIS BARABBAS AND THE BEDLAM SIX, the group arrive on Teesside this weekend.
Here, we see a speedup over the first part of the phrase (the agitated "gesture" consisting of six sixteenth notes in phrase B1; and the corresponding septuplet in B2), followed by a slowing down over the course of the trill (tr), followed by a speedup towards the beginning of the next phrase.
Third: Completing agreements with the Septuplet Link States in order to import electricity from Egypt or other countries, so as to increase the amount of electricity available that can satisfy the demand in the short and medium-terms.
Jermaine Jenas is another of Jol's exciting septuplet and the pounds 9m former Newcastle man was responsible for the brilliant curling equaliser which pitched United into an all-too-familiar state of gloom after Mikael Silvestre had taken advantage of a rare Robinson blunder to put the hosts into an early lead
Indeed, the celebratory tenor of the septuplet coverage raises a real danger that giving birth to seven babies all at once will be seen as the medical state of the art to be emulated for fame or for profit.
In the McCaughey septuplet caper, however, Wixted said the public relations staffs of the medical center's hospitals had plenty of advance warning and had already earned access to the Pars of managers who valued good communications and trusted their PR people to deliver it.
The septuplet story has everything: There's the good mother, who's so devoted to children and Jesus that she rejected medically advised selective abortion, and who is clearly not going to be hiring any English au pairs.
Using the [0,1,2,7] partition the composer intensifies the fractured activity he established at the beginning of the Doppio movimento with fewer rests and more elaborate subdivisions (the septuplet sixteenth makes its first appearance here).