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1. sequel.
2. the following (one).
[< Latin sequēns]
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Since the start of Queensland Rails recruitment drive from October 2016, a total of 145 trainee drivers and 262 trainee guards have been selected, with 51 drivers and 158 guards now fully qualified and working out on the SEQ network.
Supporting the SEQ (management of favourable dynamic relations between the BEQ and SEQ) should therefore be adequately reflected in the economic policies as well as in the development strategies of individual regions.
The SEQ yielded a Chronbach's coefficient of internal consistency of .
This growth will require approximately 950,000 new jobs and an almost 800,000 new dwellings across SEQ by 2041.
3 million people in the next 25 years and the draft SEQ Regional Plan is all about catering for this growth sustainably.
b) polynucleotide coding for a polypeptide that contains an amino acid sequence that is at least 70% identical to the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID No.
B) a protein which has the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 2 in Sequence Listing including substitution, deletion, insertion, addition or inversion of one or several amino acids, and an activity for binding to sucrose.
The Riparian enhancement of priority SEQ Waterways project will enhance the condition of and resilience to extreme weather events of identified priority catchments by improving overall catchment health, water quality and surrounding land condition.
The $600,000 funding will allow SEQ Catchments to continue their efforts to improve targeted waterways in the region including the Noosa River, Maroochy River, North Maroochy, Mooloolah River, Mooloolah Valley and the Blackall Range, he said.
In a particular aspect, the polynucleotide is the nucleotide sequence of SEQ ID NO:1.
Minister for State Development and Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Anthony Lynham today announced funding to SEQ Catchments and 19 community groups to improve the quality of the regions land, vegetation and water resources.
shown in SEQ ID NO: 1, which disease gene transcribes an mRNA encoding the cDNA of which the