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On the Pacific equivalent, see Parnaby, Britain and the Labour Trade in the South-West Pacific (Duke UP, 1964), 166 et seqq.
Research Variable Names and Descriptions Variable Variable Variable Description Name Label Sales Sales is net sales in $million (Compustat item SALE) Shareholder SEQQ is shareholder's equity Equity (Compustat item SEQQ).
Both variables are obtained from Compustat (items NIQ and SEQQ).
de Ferdinand Dejean (Catalogue of the minor part of the library of Ferdinand Dejean etc.), Leiden: Luzac et van Damme, 1790, Landesbiblithek Oldenburg, Officina, Luzac et van Damme, ad diem 22 Novembris & seqq. 1790.
Therefore, Faoro (2001) described the Brazilian State as "patrimonial" based on Weber (1980: 580 et seqq.).
In 2004, the "Studies in the Context of the E-learning Initiative" (PLS Ramboll Management 2004: 62 et seqq.) provided similar results.
539 seqq.), prefers to call him Adjutant-General.] More properly perhaps this was the position of the Mir Bakhshi, who had other bakhshis under him.