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In APDF based on DST, F is an N-D expected sequency response vector, where sequency can be regarded as "extensive frequency" in a broad sense.
Jaya and Gopikakumari [14] introduced fuzzy-rule based enhancement in the Sequency by Mapped Real Transform (SMRT) domain.
These reflected in decomposition constant (K) similar among areas (p>0.05), in the same sequency: Area 1 (K=1.64), Area 2 (K=1.51), Area 3 (K=1.46) e Area 4 (K= 1.46), and similar behavior during all the period.
Clinically, certain mutations can be detected with sequency analysis (HPS1, AP3B1 (HPS2), HPS3, HPS4, HPS5, HPS6, DTNBP1 (HSP7) and BLOC1S3 (HPS8)).
Beauchamp, Applications of Walsh and Related Functions--With an Introduction to Sequency Theory.
Sequency explains beautifully our sense of linear time, and the evidence of evolution.
Just as he sees Sequency and Simultaneity as complementary, so he sees individual freedom and social responsibility as the complementary manifestations of anarchy.
T1-weighted images showed no specific findings (Isointens in the T1 sequency, hyperintens in the T2 sequency) (Figure 1b).