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1. Forming or characterized by a sequence, as of units or musical notes.
2. Sequent.

se·quen′ti·al′i·ty (-shē-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.
se·quen′tial·ly adv.
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Adv.1.sequentially - in a consecutive manner; "we numbered the papers consecutively"
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In June, Baidu App DAUs reached 188 million, up 27% year over year, in-app search queries grew over 20% year over year and smart mini program MAUs reached 270 million, up 49% sequentially," said Robin Li, Baidu co-founder and CEO.
FX +4[??] versus prior year and +5[??] sequentially.
* Revenue for adult-use cannabis of CA$18.5 million, up 158% sequentially
* PCB manufacturers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland reported total third quarter sales up 1.9% year-over-year and 0.5% sequentially. Third quarter orders were down 16% year-over-year and 12% sequentially.
Total sales by independent agents for American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company increased 13% sequentially while total sales by broker-dealers and banks for Eagle Life Insurance Company increased by $58 million or 34% sequentially, in part due to a $45 million increase in sales of non-core multi-year fixed rate annuities.
A set A [subset or equal to] H is weakly sequentially closed if every A-valued weakly convergent sequence has its limit in it; and the weak sequential closure of A is the smallest weakly sequentially closed set (i.e., the intersection of all weakly sequentially closed sets) including A.
Sequentially, North America revenue fell 3% due to the seasonal slowdown in Canada, partially offset by an increase in the US International revenue declined 2% sequentially, led by a change in accounting for revenue in Venezuela, which was almost entirely offset by improved results and activity in the Middle East and Russia.
Sequentially, however, fourth-quarter losses widened when compared to Rs 554.44 crore reported in the third-quarter of 2016-17.
This reflects a decline in earnings when compared with net earnings of USD14.9m and USD11.9m for the second quarter 2015 and sequentially from the first quarter 2016, respectively.
Third quarter adjusted operating income increased 20 percent sequentially, and 14 percent year-over-year, to USD236 million and was above the guidance range of USD195 to USD235 million.