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Plural of sequestrum.
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It induces lesions of pleuropneumonia in acute cases and the formation of pulmonary 'sequestra' in chronic cases.
However, she was referred to our hospital for a further opinion, and otoscopy revealed erosions in the posterior and inferior aspects of EAC that contained bony debris and sequestra. A CT scan confirmed a soft-tissue mass with bony destruction in the inferior portion of EAC (Figure 4a).
In addition, sequestra formation (6) and spontaneous fracture (7) were evaluated for each femur as a whole and were awarded a score of 0 - absent or 1 - present.
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Sequestra of chronic osteomyelitis are known to be covered by metabolically quiescent bacteria within adherent biofilms [15] and it has been suggested that false-negative infections are due to viable but nonculturable biofilm organisms [14].
Several bony sequestra were clearly seen on the CT scans.
They are classified as 'endogenous' when they formed around normal body material such as blood clots, misplaced tooth remnants or bony sequestra. Exogenous rhinoliths form around foreign bodies inserted into the nose--usually of nonhuman material.
Feline corneal sequestra: a review of 64 cases (80 eyes) from 1993-2000.
(5) Depending upon the etiology, patients may present with percussion-induced pain, loosening of teeth, sequestra, and mobility of fractured segments.
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