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also sé·rac  (sə-răk′, sā-)
A large pointed mass of ice in a glacier isolated by intersecting crevasses.

[French sérac, strong cheese made from whey, serac (from the resemblance of glaciers with many seracs to unpressed cheese curds ), alteration of French dialectal (Savoy and Switzerland) seraz, sérē, from Vulgar Latin *serāceum, whey cheese, from Latin serum, whey.]
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(Physical Geography) a pinnacle of ice among crevasses on a glacier, usually on a steep slope
[C19: from Swiss French: a variety of white cheese (hence the ice that it resembles) from Medieval Latin serācium, from Latin serum whey]
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Later, another smaller serac fell down triggering a smaller avalanche.
They had descended 50 meters when a serac fell and hit all the trapped climbers along with Big Pasang and Jumich.
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The problem is noticed at SERAC BULK Was shown in Fig.1 in that machine hopperwas not cleaned properly by Automated CIP(Cleaning In Process) for every shade change.
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Using plastic sheet as raw material, users can "assume uniform distribution of the material without having to monitor advanced parameters in the heating and blowing process." Thus, as Serac also points out, "very little expertise in plastic processing is required" to use the process, and it can be easily started up and shut down.
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Acknowledgement: The authors wish to express their gratitude to Asyila Gum Company and Analysis and Characterization Service (SERAC) at University of Franche-Comte in France.
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