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Of or relating to an ecological sere: a seral stage; a seral community.
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of or pertaining to a sere
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(ˈsɪər əl)

of or pertaining to an ecological sere.
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'That which I saw,' said Kim, 'the night that my lama and I lay next thy place in the Kashmir Seral. The door was left unlocked, which I think is not thy custom, Mahbub.
* Should cut regimes not be allowed to alter natural percentages of land expected in different seral stages, regardless of levels that would achieve maximum sustained yield?
Maintaining soil productivity and the natural processes necessary for a vital forest ecosystem requires keeping a vestige of the original habitat types, seral stages, live trees, snags, and down woody material throughout the harvest cycles.
20--65 years: SERAL STAGE Pole stands (groups of saplings) grow taller and block sunlight from reaching the understory--lower growing shrubs, grasses, and weeds.
Among the BIFFs killed were: Baser Alon, Nurdin Kalun, Kemi Jainudin, Wahed Anuwar, Bensar Ali, Arapat Gemal, Bedo Gamadil, Wari Brahim, Bakar Seral, Tato Menta, while two others remained unidentified.
Seral alanine aminotransferase (ALT), aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alkaline phosphatase (ALP), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), total protein and total bilirubin levels were estimated using the commercially available kit (Randox Laboratories) according to the manufacturers' instructions.
Before the anthropic destruction of pine forest (Pinus sylvestris subsp.nevadensis) the natural potential vegetation consisted of the dwarf hemispheric juniper communities of Juniperus hemisphaerica, which constituted the first seral vegetation stage of the Sierra Nevada Scots pine forest in the lower horizon.
For example, female short-tailed weasels consistently have smaller home ranges and select vegetation cover types with high prey abundance (Hellstedt and Henttonen 2006), often in open grassland or early seral stage forest (Simms 1979b, Sullivan and Sullivan 1980, Lisgo 1999).
Early seral stage shrub communities, which follow wildfires, provide abundant high quality forage for moose (Schwartz and Franzmann 1989).
Dina tantas cosas que me quedaria corto, asi que me quedo con una frase que, como a tantos otros, me marco en su momento: "Muevete, y el universo se reconfigurara">> (Alberto Fernandez Seral).
Frostweed usually has been viewed as a species typical of middle stages of succession (Tyrl et al., 2008), but a study (Thompson and McKinney, 2006) of various successional stages in a river bottomland forest in the Nashville Basin of Tennessee with similar composition and structure to the one reported herein reported frostweed to be associated with higher seral states.