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also sa·ra·pe  (sə-rä′pē, -răp′ē)
A long blanketlike shawl or poncho, often brightly colored, geometrically patterned, and fringed at the ends, worn especially in Mexico.
Having the bright colors and geometric patterns of a serape: a serape cardigan; serape blankets.

[Mexican Spanish sarape, perhaps from a Tarascan source such as ts'arakua, thick object : ts'ara-, to be a thick or heavy object on + -kua, noun suffix.]


1. (Clothing & Fashion) a blanket-like shawl often of brightly-coloured wool worn by men in Latin America
2. (Clothing & Fashion) a large shawl worn around the shoulders by women as a fashion garment
[C19 Mexican Spanish]


or sa•ra•pe

(səˈrɑ pi)

n., pl. -pes.
a blanketlike shawl often of brightly colored wool worn esp. in Mexico.
[1825–35; < Mexican Spanish]


A colorful Mexican woolen shawl worn by men over the shoulders.
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Noun1.serape - a long brightly colored shawlserape - a long brightly colored shawl; worn mainly by Mexican men
shawl - cloak consisting of an oblong piece of cloth used to cover the head and shoulders
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The video depicts what appears to be someone wearing a sombrero and serape while others appeared to be dressed as border patrol agents.
54,000 Navajo Classic Serape with White Field I Rug.
Among the vintage looks were the distressed Serape line from Linon, power loomed in Turkey, and Weathered Treasures from United Weavers, which has a washed out look made of polypropylene and polyester for a high/low look.
But getting a great tan won't make you black, and wearing a serape won't make you Hispanic.
in the dark of the moon, carrying her baby daughter in her serape.
One wall of the Forum was covered in a mural--a coyote dressed in a serape.
By comparison, Adrian Esparza's headlight, 2015, in which the artist unravels a serape and organizes the threads in geometric patterns on the wall, seems obvious and less formally effective (though his work unsettles the binary pairs of male/painting, female/textile that persist in earlier sections of the exhibition).
would wrap my body in a serape and lay me next to her father at the edge
Craftable items include a modern serape, an Aegean tunic, a "big pockets" jacket, hats, totes, and more.
When we were making the serape, I asked, "What is green, looks like a ball and we can eat it?
Wrote Variety's Justin Chang, "Thanks in particular to excellent sound work and fearsome stunt coordination by Kevin Scott, every fall, serape and curse registers with tremendous impact.