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1. (Classical Music) an 18th-century cantata, often dramatic in form
2. (Music, other) another word for serenade
[C18: from Italian; see serenade]
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(ˌsɛr əˈnɑ tə)

n., pl. -tas, -te (-tā).
a form of secular cantata, often of a dramatic or imaginative character.
[1715–25; < Italian serenata evening song =seren(o) serene + -ata n. suffix, associated with sera evening; compare soiree]
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Much of the notebook is devoted to musical topics such as instruments, theory, music-making, musicians, publishers, and copyists, but there are also lists of the music, librettos, and other books that Cousser possessed; his books of cantatas, madrigals, duets, and serenatas are listed in the third appendix, his inventory of ouverture incipits in the fourth.
Serenatas y ensayos sobre lo que ella era, sobre lo que sentia, sobre su articulacion discursiva: como si el poema fuese un espejo inestable, infatigablemente burilado en donde intentar aprehenderse.
For music, drama, and theater scholars, Selfridge-Field (music, Stanford U.) provides a comprehensive chronology of about 1,500 Venetian operas and related works (such as comedy, satire, comic intermezzi, serenatas, and dramas presented in public and private theaters) from 1660 to 1760, organized by day and subdivided by decade.
Ensayos, serenatas, repiques de una voz que exhibe sin pudor ni correccion: "me canso de escuchar como estas / quiero que sepas como estoy".
Now known as John Sigismond Cousser, the composer with extensive operatic experience wrote mainly birthday odes for the members of the English royal family as well as serenatas teatrales--scenically performed cantatas that one may imagine as a sort of miniature opera.