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Noun1.serjeant-at-arms - an officer (as of a legislature or court) who maintains order and executes commands
law-makers, legislative assembly, legislative body, legislature, general assembly - persons who make or amend or repeal laws
officeholder, officer - someone who is appointed or elected to an office and who holds a position of trust; "he is an officer of the court"; "the club elected its officers for the coming year"
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The sergeants-at-arms moved to protect the mace while Gbajabiamila, in the heat of the controversy, adjourned the plenary.
Last week, the agency completed taking statements from all Meru Assembly sergeants-at-arms.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the heavily armed security personnel were seen at the major entrances to the White House, where only Sergeants-at-Arms and regular Police officers had hitherto manned.
The PLP will be governed by a PLP Board-chaired by a retired military or police general jointly appointed by the Speaker and the Senate President, and composed of the lawmakers chairing the House and Senate's respective public order committees and the two chamber's Sergeants-at-Arms.
For many sergeants-at-arms, overseeing security for both the chamber and the capitol building is a key responsibility.
Also elected to office were: Jim Bradburn, president elect; Kevin Freier, vice president membership; Marc Sherman, vice president fund-raising; James Arbuckle, secretary; Trent Par-ten, treasurer; Sarah Wacaster and John Coulter, club service; Cheryl Chapman and Russ Hildebrandt, community service; John Hodoway, vocational service; Ben McMinn and Don Warden, international service; and Vince Wren and Chris Gantt, sergeants-at-arms.
Mervyn Lee, director at clockmakers Thwaites & Reed, said the company had been in the process of renegotiating its contract with the Sergeants-At-Arms.